Qamtis Philippines - We provide integrated engineering services
Qamtis Philippines - We provide integrated engineering services
integrated engineering services for the repair and rehabilitation of machinery and mechanical components
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Products and Services

We provide Integrated Engineering Services for the repair and rehabilitation of machinery and mechanical components.

Plant equipment facilities include computer drafting, foundry pattern making, sand casting of most metals, general fabrication, gravity die casting, centrifugal die casting, specialized welding, machining & dynamic balancing.


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Machine Shop

specialized welding   Thermal Spray Coating and Specialized Welding (Eutectic & Castolin)
  1. Flame Spray Metallizing
  2. Tig/Mig Welding
  3. Hard Facing
  4. Fusion Welding
  5. Plasma Transferred Arc Welding
  6. Arc Spray Metallizing
  7. In Place Machining, Grinding & Boring
casting   Casting / Die Casting / Investment Casting
  1. Exhaust Manifolds
  2. Import Substitution Parts
  3. Zinc & Aluminum Anodes
    General Fabrication

ship repair   Reconditioning & Repair of Marine & Industrial Engine Parts
  1. Cylinder Heads
  2. Intake & Exhaust Valves
  3. Valve Cages
  4. Pistons
  5. Cams
  6. Expansion Joints
  7. Grit or Glass Bead Blasting
  8. Heat Treatment & Stress Relieving
  9. Exhaust Manifolds
  10. Ship Repair (Afloat)
lighting fixtures   Lighting Fixtures
  1. Harville Exterior Decorative Lanterns
    Foundry Pattern Making
  1. Wood
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Aluminum
  4. Die Casting Mold
turbocharger reconditioning   Turbo Charger Reconditioning
  1. Turbine Blades
  2. Nozzle Rings
  3. Rotor Shafts
  4. Static & Dynamic Balancing Repair
  5. Inlet & Outlet Casing
cable protectors   Heat Treatment and Stress Relieving
  1. Onsite Stress Relieving
  2. Heat Treatment of Grinding Mill Liners
Project Partner Marine Products Co. Ltd.
  1. Main Engine Parts
  2. Auxilliary Engine Parts
  3. Turbocharger Spare Parts
  4. Marine Spare Parts & Equipment
  Children's Playground Equipment
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